Monday, December 8, 2008

Kitty Booty

Cole is a kleptomaniac. Alarmed by the birds he was bringing home, we put a bell on his collar. Solving a serious problem, inadvertently created an amusing one. We noticed it early on, when we started finding little baby socks inside the gate. Socks were his choice of theft; they could be balled up, inside out or sometimes knotted together… but definitely dirty. He was stealing laundry! Soon, we had adult gym and dress socks piling up at the back door. Last summer he stepped up his game; a suede gardening glove showed up, then its mate the next morning. In one month’s time, we had over 20 gloves. The early ones were leather, then later on, cloth. We surmised that the unhappy gardener was spending too much money replacing missing gloves so they started buying cheaper ones. One morning a red striped polo shirt was snagged inside the cat door as he tried dragging it through. Lately he's brought home baseball caps, bandanas, slippers, small toys and several children’s shoes; just one shoe each time, mind you, not the pair. We imagine the conversations going on inside these homes, the poor kids being scolded by their parents “well, they just don’t get up and walk away!” ...... S.

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Mavis said...

Sadie, Maybe you should have a "garage sale" of sorts and post a sign for the neighbors to come and gather their stuff back. Cole is a thief and needs to reposibility for his actions!!!!!

Just a joke!

where are you? Climbing another mountain? I have my new boots for hiking and the ankle is getting better even though the incision came open again. Back to packing it daily to heal from the inside. The Melaleuca oil has kept all infection out.